Married for 40 years to the woman I met in seminary in 1972, we raised our children in Marin County, California. Each of our four children has progressed through public schools, graduated from college and two are now living in Brooklyn and two live in the San Francisco Bay area.

I’ve made choices to put our family first while engaging in politics, education, and part-time ministerial work through the years. I have been committed to local and national education, political improvement and environmental protection.  But providing education and enriching experiences for our children while supporting each child’s social and personal growth has been the major thrust of my life and marriage.

With a background of feminist and other progressive influences, it was natural that I would go to great lengths to ensure that my wife would be able to pursue her career in education. Both Unitarian Universalist ministers, for years we worked together in education before I began serving the Petaluma Unitarian Universalist Congregation as their regular preacher.

Ten years ago we moved from California to Miami to work on her company’s education initiative, delivering inquiry-based science to district teachers and students.  For the first year, we developed and delivered online and personal tutoring for migrant children in agriculture camps of south Florida. It was illuminating and enriching to work with the families. After successfully piloting the science program in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, we moved back to California and I began my preparation for interim ministry.

My first interim church was the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu. My wife and I loved it there. She found she was able to do her education work from Hawaii, so she has stayed there ever since. She works from there with mainland and Hawaii educators and co-founded Parents for Public Schools-Hawaii. She maintains our family home on Oahu, visiting me on the mainland, and I am there as I am able. Since then I have served UU congregations in Fayetteville, AR; Bellingham, WA; Santa Barbara, CA, Vancouver, WA, and the Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church in Charlotte, NC.

13 Lee minister for Ally's wedding

Conducting my daughter Alexandra’s wedding to son-in-law Alexander – 2006.

12 lee and ally at hospital wedding 2006

Celebrating after the wedding, in Warwick, England- 2006.

19 Lee Deborah Michael Erie

Wine-tasting with close friends Erie and Michael Vitiello in Napa, CA-2017.

3 Lee and Deborah in front of the mokes

Deborah and me by Lanikai bay- 2017.

9 family at laybourne anniversary

Our family at an anniversary party- 2016.

14 family in Lido italy

Traveling in Italy with our kids Gwendolyn, Alexandra, Max, Blake and our nephew Kit Bond- 2004