Rev. Leland Bond
Rev. Leland Bond

I hope the images and writings here give you an accurate view of the spiritual foundation, life experience, education, skills, and commitments that would shape my work with your congregation. 

Given the move to the web, I am providing information for you here online. There is much more of course, and I will be happy to share more should your interest warrant.

In my ministry, I offer:

❧  Sermons, workshops, seminars, and services to provide insight and comfort, inspirationand direction;
❧  Encouragement of truth-seeking, self-awareness, values clarification, competence andproductivity;
❧  Promotion of spiritual practice, for individual happiness and for the creation ofcollaborative worship services;
❧  Leadership and support in community, political, and environmental work;
❧  Skill in helping manage the resources and finances of the congregation;
❧  A trained outsider’s eye to identify unhelpful practices, solve problems and make plans;
❧  Counsel and support in the sustenance of human relationships, including congregational
health and numbers, and the religious needs and concerns of children and adults of allages;
❧  Steadfast commitment to peace, inclusion, tolerance, environmental stewardship, andthe liberating and empowering effect of education on individuals and society;
❧  Historical knowledge and poetry, and their application to what is “past, passing, or to